The plot of Sonic Frontiers will consolidate the legendary Chaos Emeralds somehow or another, however we actually don’t know the exact setup for Sonic’s new adventure. However, sega is paying special attention to its fans: a new Sonic comic and animation will be released soon, paving the way to the launch of the game.

As declared on Twitter, “a two-part digital comic prologue to Sonic Frontiers” will debut on the official Sonic account. Named “Convergence,” its story will lead up to the events of Frontiers and apparently explain why the game’s open world is spread out like that. Featured on the front of the first issue are Sonic himself, Tails, Amy Rose, and Dr. Eggman — four of the central figures in Sonic legend. There’s no sign that Knuckles, Big the Cat, or newbie Sage will show up in these comics, however they are all in the game. The first part of the comic releases on Tuesday, October 18, and some kind of prequel animation will likewise be released in the near future. That will probably feature similar characters and events as the comic however in motion.

That isn’t the only animated Sonic content that fans can anticipate. A new Netflix series called Sonic Prime will debut sometime this winter. The first teaser showed the blue blur tangling with Shadow and Dr. Eggman prior to breaking reality itself — Prime will be Sonic’s first show set in the multiverse.

That is coming after the release of Sonic Frontiers, and the equivalent goes for some DLC for the game. Any signs up for the Sonic newsletter by January 31, 2023, will get a code for Sonic Adventure 2’s SOAP Shoes after Frontiers shows up. Moreover, free Monster Hunter DLC will be accessible beginning November 14, and it incorporates Rathalos armor for Sonic.

The Sonic Frontiers release date is only a few days before that. It’s headed to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store on November 8. Preorders for the game’s two editions are open at this point.

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