In the old days, we had the problem of a lack of options in terms of career choice, educational choice, and professional choice. But these days, we are loaded with thousands of careers, educational, and professional options, which creates a great deal of confusion among the youth. In a time when you are given so many choices, it is not surprising that people fail to make the best decision for themselves! These days, people can be seen with multiple and diverse skills. But many of them fail to put these skills together for their own benefit.

However, having these skills is only as important as having the wisdom to use them proportionately and effectively. Today, we shall see how Tawhid Pritam, a British Bangladeshi digital content creator, made the best use of his multiple, diverse skills and how he created many opportunities for himself instead of just waiting for them.

Tawhid Pritam is a profound and professional filmmaker, photographer, video editor, travel vlogger, and also entrepreneur. Tawhid Pritam made a travel adventure film with his friends called “London to Snowdonia” at an age when the youth is found browsing new movies every weekend.

Tawhid Pritam began to find new ways to implement his skills with a touch of his creativity as soon as he became well-equipped with technological skills. Thus, he chose to step into the world of media and gave his best in all of the following fields: travel vlogging, portrait photography, wedding photography, commercial photography, and concert photography. He is also the founder of Star One Studio, a multimedia company that offers professional photography and videography services for weddings, music videos, and much more.

Tawhid Pritam’s keen interest in the technological world can be found in the fast-growing graph of his recently launched YouTube channel. In just two months, his channel has attracted the attention of 3K subscribers. Tawhid Pritam was born on February 12, 1997. He originally belonged to Dhaka, Bangladesh. After moving to London with his mother, he is now a British resident. Besides his achievements, Tawhid is also known for his social media username, BO55TRY. BO55TRY is a UK private car registration plate. This plate was bought by him back in 2017. Tawhid Pritam, no doubt, deserves this luxury as he has earned it himself. Thus, he can be said to be the best amalgamation of creativity and technological skills.

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