What is a back lawyer?

‏What is a back lawyer? The sound that is sung by vocal singers behind the voice of the main singer is called backing vocals. There has to be some coordination between the singer’s voice and the backing vocalist (the person who plays the voice below the singer’s voice) or the so-called cover of the singer’s voice. And most of the time it is not heard perceptibly and covers a part of the singer’s voice (here the singer means the main singer of the song).

‏The following sounds can be heard in a wide range of different music styles, which includes most of the music styles, some of which we will introduce in the following. Most professional singers use backing vocals in two ways. Which we will introduce in the following.

‏* During studio recording

‏* During the concert

‏The first remarkable point

‏Meaning of back vocal = Note that the subwoofer is used in different styles, each of which has its own strategy and during the performance according to their style can perform regular movements together. And, of course, the vocalists or choirs are made up of men and women, and the vocalists perform individually and in groups through vocal training.

‏* Rock

‏* Heavy Metal

‏* Pop

‏* HipHop

‏* Theatr Music

‏The singing style used by the singers varies according to the type of song and the genre of music. This may happen in the verse version or as a chorus in the song’s preferred band. Sometimes the singer re-records intervals from the step he reads (harmony) and in the mixing and mastering stage, he mixes with the main line of the singer’s voice.

‏You should know

‏It is interesting to know that today, due to the high demand and interest of listeners and composers in backing vocal training and of course familiarity with the meaning of backing vocal engineers have decided to produce different VSTs in this field. And in fact, use professional vocal artists to make VST and train back vocals. They use their voice as a note, and the tuners can easily access a wide range of singers by downloading the VST and training the desired backing vocals.

‏The second noteworthy point

‏One of the things that makes the role of the singer under the sound stand out is the use of the sound in the next versions of a song or remix. And many world-renowned singers have taken the backing vocalist experience seriously. Which we will introduce in the following.

‏* Cher

‏* Pink

‏* Mariah Carey

‏* Whitney Houston

‏* Etc

‏We should also add that in different countries, interesting titles are used for the vocalist or backing vocalist, which we will introduce in the following.

‏* Background reader

‏* Additional readers

‏* Backup reader ‏In fact, all of these titles do the same thing.

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