“Old Town Road” is has been breaking records left and right, and it appears as though it’s going after the “Most Remixed Track In 2019” title. After Billy Ray Cyrus hopped on Lil Nas X’s original track, the single became an international phenomenon. For the 14th straight week, the nation rap tune has dominated the charts, and for Lil Nas X’s first single, that is not an awful look.

On Thursday, the 7 artist delivered one more form to his hit single, this time including the stylings of Young Thug and “Walmart yodeling boy” Mason Ramsey. “Old Town Road” is given yet another family-friendly remix, yet people won’t get youthful Ramsey showing off his warbling skills here. Rather, he solidifies himself as a nation rapper as he partners up with Thugger, Lil Nas X, and Billy Ray Cyrus to spit bars about bothering a group of cows as he rolls around on his Razor scooter. It looks as though the “Old Town Road” train won’t back off at any point in the near future since this remix may have breathed new life into the chart-topping track.

Quotable Lyrics

Hop up in my Razor
Got a thousand acres
Ride up on the cows with it
Pray that it don’t phase her

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