It is not a secret for anyone that the ease of producing music and placing it on the internet and mobile phones, without the need to buy, etc., causes a large number of music to be produced in a short time. Music has emerged in our society as one of the main products of the people’s cultural basket. The first option for a few people to fill their free time is music.

Given the extent to which our ears are exposed to music, it intends to seek the opinion of the presenters of this cultural commodity towards music these days. For this purpose, we had an interview with Yousef Kohzad, the singer of our country, which you can read below:

* Mr. Kohzad came to the newest young singers with special styles in the field of music. As a singer who has been working in this field for several years, what do you think about them?

There is good taste and art, but one of the drawbacks of this process is the diminishing technical and scientific support that needs to be strengthened. This kind of work seems to be more about personal taste and excitement.

There is any effect that gets the audience excited, but with the disappearance of these kinds of emotions, these models of styles are also destroyed. Therefore, in the current situation, if someone wants to do a good and lasting job, it is very difficult and requires a lot of knowledge, nobility, effort and effort. But they are the ones who become figures overnight, which I do not think is bad. Anything that helps increase the share of music consumption of the people of this country is good, but in the next step, better activities should be the criterion.

* Doesn’t the multiplicity of these musics lower people’s musical tastes?

Our taste in music has plummeted; So most of our musicians are wondering what to make? Do they degrade their creations to be understandable or do they keep and work that they are too complex and difficult?

I hope that people, in any case, with the experiences they have gained over the years, have an opinion on which music is valuable and its harmful aspects are insignificant.

* What do you see as the main problem of these days of music?

For example, in the world of production, for a food product such as chocolate, there is a regulatory body that the final products are not poisonous or rotten. There is no laboratory in the world of art that says, for example, that some music may destroy your soul and psyche, when you listen to a negative poem, a poem full of envy, resentment and hatred may have a negative effect on your psyche. This process continues until the audience understands that this is a poisonous media product.

The expert in our country should be the function of art in such a way that the consumer himself comes to the conclusion that a certain art product is unintentional. Otherwise there is no one to say it should be or something should not be. Here, audits are not based on quality. Some producers and some consumers are of low taste level who do not produce a valuable product and people are equally satisfied. For now, this is the music cycle, but we hope that this consumption will be created for the consumer.

* Is this a slight degradation of music quality?

All our current art products are concerned with low quality. Some are well seen. For example, on Nowruz, I had the opportunity to watch one of the movies that had sold billions and was talked about a lot. I said to myself, should our people really put such a film on their heads and make halva ?! What do you say to this movie? What is Tash? The director plays with a bunch of clowns and makes no movies.

At least current directors are like the pioneers of the past and old, like poets who lead people to happiness, joy and all good things. Do not let people tell themselves to waste our lives to see the effect and we laughed a lot. Should the behind this laughter be conscious or ignorant?

I went to Eid on the advice of friends who said that I went to the best-selling film and saw the film, but I said to myself, should this level of the film be considered by the people so that we can be welcomed by the people, money for the factors that one provides like? . Reproduce the same.

* The title of the final question that can be influential in music, I think this year’s slogan (Support for Iranian goods) What is the point for progress in this field?

In my opinion, this slogan should help music. It is music that is of Iranian origin, not music that is purely Iranian. It is true that we can have Iranian pop, we can make all kinds of music at all, but it does not mean that only pop poetry is Persian and after all the melody, the arrangement and structure of the West. In my opinion, it is one of the goods that should be paid more attention to.

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The current state of country music narrated by Yousef Kohzad

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