There is something genuinely perverse about acting like someone you are not. Bring that perverseness into the bedroom and embark on a different ball game. As the world goes virtual, people have started exploring various ways to take their sex life to a new level. Roleplaying is one of the most popular ways to innovate time in bed.

Roleplaying is acting out or performing a part of a person or character. Let’s discuss why bringing roleplaying into the bedroom is perfect.


Roleplaying allows more freedom to innovate and speak your mind about what you want from your partner. It helps you set your imagination on fire, keeping things exciting. Brainstorming ideas with your partner can be a stimulating process in itself. With involvement, make things pleasurable for both you and your partner.

More Roleplay Equals More Foreplay

Intimacy with your partner requires you to take things slow. Roleplaying requires a build-up. There is flirting, teasing, manipulation, playing, and more. It allows you to create sexual tension, leading to promising results. Most couples tend to burn out in their sexual life as they take things too fast during sex. They try to get it over with, wherein the essence of sex is lost, which is being in the moment and cherishing your partner.

Expect the Unexpected

When roleplaying, you’re not really the same person, and neither is your partner. This idea adds to the excitement, allowing for more opportunities and instances in bed that you might not have experienced before. Expect the unexpected; you never know how your roleplay session may surprise you.


The roles one can pick go as far as your imagination stretches. You can roleplay your favorite TV series characters, mythical creatures, and personalities that you or your partner might have a crush on. Explore your partner’s deepest and darkest fantasies, ones they were too shy to share with you out of fear of being judged, and give yourself into the perverseness of roleplaying with them. Roleplaying is an excellent icebreaker for couples to develop a greater sense of intimacy among themselves.

Popularity on the Internet

Sexting and cyber roleplay are quite popular today. Many individuals spend hours upon hours roleplaying with casual partners they find over the internet. From specifically designed chatrooms on porn websites to meeting partners on everyday social media websites, the accessibility these internet spaces have provided is convenient. Cybersex provides users anonymity, giving them a sense of security and privacy. Also, selling the service becomes very lucrative.  

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