Craig Cavanagh is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool, UK, who was shortlisted to the final voting stages of MTV Brand New Unsigned competition in 2012. His debut EP was released in 2013 onto iTunes and other outlets. Craig’s EP is available on iTunes and Diversity Rules Magazine which encourages its readers to download Craig’s hauntingly melodic tunes and listen to them over and over again.

Craig’s EP album and other songs

The EP which is called ‘Green Eyed Soul’ was co-written and produced with Bradley Mair from Marco Music and Extenso Music Unlimited. Craig’s success journey started when Mario Music’s producer Bradley heard his song ‘Rise Again’ on the MTV competition and asked if he could work with him on re-recording the track as he fell in love with the track and also offered to record some new tracks together ( which ended up being 3 more tracks). Craig has also released a single entitled “Soar Higher”. It is an inspirational track that is also hard-hitting and a different flavour to his other tracks but keeps true to him. A song of him namely ` Beyonce – Love on Top` was used as an entrance song for a cage fighter named ‘Danny Hot Chocolate Roberts’ when he fought in Liverpool’s Echo Arena on the worldwide televised event ‘Cage Warriors’ a week later on 20th July 2013. Around 105 million people were expected to tune in.

Liverpool Pride & Craig’s participation

Liverpool, the home town of Craig Cavanagh celebrates Liverpool Pride which is a weekend-long festival to celebrate LGBT culture held annually at the Pier Head and Gay Quarter in Liverpool City Centre, England. The event is held on the closest weekend to 2nd August, in commemoration of the death of Michael Causer, the young gay man who was murdered in the city in 2008 and has grown to become one of the largest free Gay Pride festivals in Europe with 2013’s audience numbers reaching up to 75000 people. Craig Cavanagh gave his live music on the stage at the precious festival along with many others such as Rebecca Pierce, Phil Maguire, Eden Showers.

Depth of Craig’s music

A choir boy from Liverpool, England, Cavanagh can write his songs like paint on a canvas that each note that tends toward the higher register without being loud or showy, yet deep with resolution. A review by one of his fans from San Francisco, JP Leddy, in his blog, TasiThought’s Weblog sums up Craig’s music brilliantly: “His music is filled with rich lyrics and haunting tones, even with the upbeat like Pon Me. His voice range is wide and he hits notes that reflect the emotion that carries through, soulful with depth”.

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