“Have you ever wondered what sound the morning dew makes when it gently lands on a rose??? – No, me neither, not that interested, but I was highly interested in hearing the next release from a hot new artist, I was turned onto by a friend who loves 90s style Hip-Hop, this artist is Breadman MGV.Breadman MGV’s music is quietly becoming a national treasure in his hometown, Philadelphia. His R&B hooks accentuate his dynamic Rap flow that seems to recreate itself on every new release. Hot on the heels of tracks like “What We Do,” “Condos Lambos Maybach,” and “No Way,” and his new single titled; “Rodeo Drive”!  Another Hip-Hop/Soul banger with a smooth Cali swag that takes you on a ride, mind, body, and soul trip which is written & Executive Produced by Breadman MGV. If scores of positive advance reviews are any indication, Breadman MGV has a major hit on his hands.”

Written by: Nate “NewMoney” Walker

Listen to Rodeo Drive by Breadman MGV



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