Tucker Pillsbury, also called ROLE MODEL, has shared another single named “blind” alongside going with visuals. Out by means of Interscope Records, the track follows Pillsbury’s continuous flow as he gets a quick look at a young lady over the room.

In the visuals, Pillsbury is captivated by entertainer Madison Lawlor. Despite the fact that she treats him ineffectively — shouting in his face and pushing him around — Pillsbury can’t resist cherishing her and disregarding the imperfections in their relationship.

“I’ve never seen something quite like you/I try to look away, but something’s in the way,” he sings. “I think I’m going blind, I hope it doesn’t change/’Cause, I’ve never seen something quite like you.”

“This is the first song that I’ve written on guitar in my home… ” Pillsbury clarifies. “I wrote this song before I even met the person it’s about. It’s that feeling of falling for someone over the internet and telling yourself they’re perfect for you without even knowing their full name. It’s like writing a love song about someone’s Instagram profile as sad as that seems.”

The merry track catches this genuine announcement of affection through the vocalist musician’s line of reasoning lyricism. “blind” follows his past single “for the people in the back,” which was the primary taste of new music Pillsbury had shared since a year ago’s goodness, how impeccable EP.

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