In the event that you can have a well known talk show in Animal Crossing, why not stage an official music video there? Especially when, as you’ll find in Sylvan Esso’s official “Ferris Wheel” music video, the outcomes are fantastic.

It’s a wonderful shot of summery goodness, regardless of whether it’s somewhat spot on to a great extent.

Artists are making some intense memories associating with their fans during the pandemic, and recording inside the breakout hit Nintendo game appears as great a route as any.

This really isn’t the primary authority music video shot in Animal Crossing, coincidentally. We found another, prior one on YouTube by a Sad Alex:

What’s more, a lot of fans are organizing their favorite songs to Animal Crossing too. Or then again a whole Hamilton melodic.

It’s significant Sylvan Esso didn’t bet their tune’s whole video debut on Animal Crossing, however.

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