June 14th is the planned theatrical release date for Ajay Ghosh’s distinct, poignant, and entertaining drama, Music Shop Murthy. The producers stepped up their promotion because the release date was drawing near. The movie, which is being produced by Harsha and Ranga Rao Garapati and written and directed by Siva Paladugu, has a theatrical trailer that was released on Fly High Cinemas.

Ajay Ghosh’s character, the protagonist of the teaser, shows up for an event as an alternate DJ. The plot then shifts back to Music Shop Murthy’s hard times. He owns a record store in his village and struggles to finish his DJ school and pursue a career in DJing. His family is even against his choice. The remainder of the story follows Music Shop Murthy as he works with his young friend Chandini Chowdary to fulfill his ambition.

Siva Paladugu chose a narrative that is jam-packed with drama, humor, and other interesting components. He ensured that the story held the reader’s attention throughout. “There isn’t a single dull scene, and we feel bad for Murthy’s persona.” It is, in fact, a remarkable voyage. The conversations are also thought-provoking.

Ajay Ghosh has delivered a very remarkable performance. Seeing him in an emotive role is an entirely other experience. A fantastic value addition is Chandini Chowdary. There will be important roles for Amani, Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chandar, and Dayanandh Reddy. Other noteworthy features are the background score from PAVAN and the cinematography by Sreenivas Bejugam. Bonthala Nageswara Reddy has the role of editor.

Expectations for the film have now been raised by the trailer. It will be released on a large scale by Dheeraj Mogilineni’s Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainment, which has distributed big blockbusters including DJ Tillu, Ambajipeta Marriage Band, and Baby.

Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chandar, Dayanandh Reddy, Chandini Chowdary, Amani, and Ajay Ghosh comprise the cast.

Technical Crew:
Written & Directed By: Siva Paladugu
Producers: Harsha Garapati & Ranga rao Garapati
Co Producers: Satya Kishore Bachu, Vamshi Prasad Raja Vasireddy, Satyanarayana Paladugu
Banner: Fly High Cinemas
Music: PAVAN
Lyrics: Mahesh Poloju & PAVAN
Director Of Photography: Sreenivas Bejugam
Editor: Bonthala Nageswara Reddy
Choreography: Moin Master
PRO: Sai Satish

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