Social media has opened doors of opportunities for people of all age groups. If you thought that the internet caters to only teenagers, we tell you that it is a platform for anyone and everyone. As they say content is the king, superlative content has always created fireworks over the webspace. Whether you are a college-goer, working professional or a parent, the social media space has witnessed tremendous growth of influencers.

Joining the bandwagon of bloggers and content creators, Rashmeet K Dhiman is rising to fame on social media. Many might not be aware that Rashmeet is the niece of India’s legendary ghazal singer Late Jagjit Singh. Based in London, she holds a management degree from the University of Greenwich with experience in makeup artistry. Besides this, Rashmeet is a homemaker, mother and versatile personality donning various other roles. In an exclusive interview, the influencer sheds light on her journey, challenges and how she keeps herself updated in the competitive world.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Q: What inspired you to become a blogger?

A: I realised the true calling to become a blogger during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. I felt that it is important to live a life free from obstacles and focus on my life goals. Through my blog, I wanted to share stories and experiences about travel, fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle. I began my blog and eventually started creating content on social media as well.

Q: You hold experience in makeup artistry. How did you cope with being an MUA and then a blogger?

A: Honestly, I realised that makeup artistry was mainstream. I have been associated with Mac Cosmetics, but then my inclination tilted towards creativity and social media. I love the fact that I have the liberty to express myself by creating different content and collaborating with brands from many other verticals.

Q: How do you stay relevant in today’s cut-throat competition in the blogging industry?

A: I have always believed in staying authentic to what I do. As a blogger, I feel that it is imperative to create content that is engaging and relatable to the audience. There has been fierce competition in this industry, but my focus has always been to improve myself than what I was yesterday.

Q: You’re a blogger, a certified makeup artist, a wife and a caring mother. How do you juggle between many responsibilities?

A: Well, that’s a tough job. Women are multi-taskers. They are not just phenomenal homemakers but can also manage other works with finesse. I lead a disciplined life and have allotted time to complete distinguished tasks. It’s all about managing the time that matters in the end.

Q: Despite being a trained classical music artist, why did you not choose to become a musician like your uncle and late veteran singer Jagjit Singh?

A: I was naïve and did not understand music back then. Getting into music was like carrying forward a legacy set by Jagjit uncle. I was studying in London in 2011 when he passed away. Till date, I feel lucky to attend his concert in London where he celebrated his 70th birthday. That’s when I fell in love with music. But destiny had some other plans for me, and here I am today. Hustling and living the life of my dreams.

Q: What’s your message for all the aspiring bloggers?

A: Stay real to your audience. That’s what I would want to say. Create content that is meaningful and has a high recall value. I have been practising it, and I hope to serve the audience with diversified content in the years to come.

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