BODY is a hip-hop artist hailing from Miami, Florida, who is talented as both an artist and songwriter. His latest single, ‘Netflix and Chill’, has already amassed over 52,000 streams and is helping him showcase his talents to a whole new group of listeners. The up-and-coming emcee began his musical career as an engineer and producer but has now turned his sights on becoming the man at the front of the stage. With this background, he has the ability to get his hands dirty at every turn of the creative process and really deliver an enthralling experience for listeners.

With his musical career heating up and a new music video on the way, we felt it was a good time to reach out and learn more about him, his music, and why music fans should have him on their collective radars. Before we get to the new single and upcoming music video, we wanted to take a few minutes to learn about the artist and how he got to this point.

To get started, we asked him how he got started in music.

“I started in music as a producer and engineer.  After a few years, I started writing and performing songs.”

As we eluded to earlier, we always love artists that have a well-rounded background as it allows them to be close to every part of the craft. BODY has that going for him and it shows in his music.

While the process can have a major impact on what shapes an artist’s sound, so can their influences. As we talk to artists, we have found that everything from life, music, to art, can influence their sound. We wanted to learn more about what influences BODY’s sound, and here is what he told us.

“I’m influenced by other artist’s music and the creative process.  I find it intriguing how other artists come up with their sounds.”

For BODY, it’s the music world and the process that help bring his music to life. These both shine through in the sound of the new single ‘Netflix and Chill’, which means it’s a good time for us to turn our attention to that.

‘Netflix and Chill’

‘Netflix and Chill’ hits you with slick production and a harmonious R&B melody right from jump street. After a few moments, BODY dives in on the track, and his deep, powerful tones, combine perfectly over the instrumentals. Factor in the sound and the subject matter of the song, and it’s hard to not be instantly hooked on this one.

The narrative of the song is BODY setting the mood for anyone out there trying to ‘Netflix and Chill’. Like any good R&B song, it has your head bopping, your body moving to the beat, and it has you starting to scroll your contacts to see who’s trying to hang out tonight. We know that we can’t wait to see the music video.

On the story behind the song, here is what BODY had to say.

“The song is about a one night stand or hookup with no intentions for a long term relationship.”

And on the upcoming music video, here is what he told us.

“The video is still currently in the works but it is going to be dark and sexy with pops of color.”

Before we move on from this song, we have one last thing to add. At a different point of our conversation, we asked BODY which song of his best represented his sound on the whole and he told us it was ‘Netflix and Chill’.

“I think Netflix and Chill encapsulates my sound the most.  It has the dark and melodic tones that embodies my signature sound.”

For our two cents, the song is a great representation of his sound and he should be proud of that fact. The song is a high-quality release that shows off a talented singer and songwriter who is developing and perfecting his sound.

BODY has a growing following and catalog of music and both of these things bode well for his future in this industry. He is a walking embodiment that it’s quality that matters and not quantity. His sound is distinct and engrossing and with the upcoming music video, the future looks bright for him.

What exactly the future holds for BODY we can only guess. What we know and can say with confidence is that he has built a fantastic foundation that can serve as a springboard to his future in this game. ‘Netflix and Chill’ should be immediately added to all of your playlists, and BODY should be an independent artist that you are following from here on out.

Make sure to check out and follow BODY with the links below, and be sure you don’t miss out on the release of the video for ‘Netflix and Chill’.



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