The movie ‘Aadu’ made many people laugh out loud in Keralan theaters. Filmed in two parts, the lead part starring Jayasurya and directed by Mithun Manuel Thomas was also a big hit. Social media has finally started to buzz with rumors regarding the third installment of the movie “Aadu.” There will be a third installment in this movie, the producer himself has confirmed recently. The audience is quite excited by this news.

The movie’s concept poster was made public yesterday. Producer of the movie Vijay Babu shared it. Jayasurya, Vijay Babu, and Midhun Manuel Thomas are shown on the poster standing atop a car holding goats. With the promise of a full narrative for eager viewers, Vijay Babu’s accompanying note teases the return of well-known characters like Shaji Pappan, Dude, Arakkal Abu, Satan Xavier, Sarbath Shameer, Captain Cleetus, and Sasi Aasan.

When it was first released in 2015, the first movie in the “Aadu” series, “Aadu: Oru Beegara Jeeve Annu,” received mixed reviews. However, the movie gained popularity on social media sites like YouTube and found its audience through OTT platforms and television screenings. The film’s oddball dialogue and humorous touches made it the target of numerous memes and trolls, which increased its appeal.

Following this, “Aadu 2” became a box office success when it was released in 2017. The ensemble cast of “Aadu 2” includes Sunny Wayne, Vinayakan, Saiju Kurup, Jayasurya, Dharmajan Bolgatty, and Vijay Babu.

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