Getting launched in mid-August, Indian made clothing brand WeIN is set to satisfy the hype & buzz generated online.

For ages as an industry and a society, we have looked down on obese people. The fashion industry in the country never properly tapped into the needs of such customers and instead dedicated one or two companies in the business to cater to their needs. But for a few years, big companies have started to realize the potential of size-inclusive products, meaning clothes made for all the sizes, right from XS, S, M, L, and XL to XXL. Keeping this torch burning is a company that is getting launched in around a month; it is WeIN. WeIN is an online apparel platform that sells exemplary clothes with fantabulous designs and diverse clothing patterns. It also provides all the sizes for its consumers and creates a size-inclusive environment. 

WeIN has a target audience of females of the ages 16 to 24 and underlines the saying – “PLUS FOR US – Embrace Your Curves”. WeIN also is a gender-inclusive shopping portal and wishes to provide current fashionable clothes to every class of the society with the affordable pricing of its products.

The fashion brand believes top quality products should be made available to even the fewer earners or less fortunate people who have the desire to buy them. WeIN’s price devising metabolism comes from the fact that it is one hundred percent Indian-made brand. Its products have zero import and taxes cost, meaning that its clothes can be made available at lesser rates as compared to their foreign counterparts. The brand is starting post the government’s highly commendable initiatives of “Make in India” and “Vocal for Local”. 

WeIN also boasts of providing its loyal customers with bonus points which can be used in other future purchases. It also has developed a good following on the various social media platforms and there seems to be a genuine buzz among the young people for the launch of the brand, scheduled in mid-August.

Another benefit of buying WeIN apparel is its user-interface, which is extremely customer friendly and even the least aware customer can easily place an order. WeIN also takes extreme care in packaging and delivery of the clothes, sanitizing it efficiently. It is the unique motive of providing plus-sized clothes that has WeIN win many hearts online already and it will deliver on the hype that has organically generated.

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