“Hanu-Man” is officially a blockbuster hit. Even though the movie only had a small budget—an estimated Rs 25 Cr—it made over 100 Cr in its first five days of release, despite playing in a small number of theaters.

The reason for “Hanu-Man’s” success is less its intrinsic qualities and more the absence of inferior movies that were released in tandem with it.

As a result of its association with Lord Hanu-Man, its family-friendly appeal, and the remarkable effort of working with a lesser-known actor and director on a significant project despite competing with big releases like “Guntur Kaaram” and two other hero films, the film succeeded in capturing the hearts of audiences despite its shortcomings, cliched elements, and predictable plot.

Discussions on social media suggested that “Guntur Kaaram” was trying to eclipse “Hanu-Man” by limiting the number of times it could be screened. This kind of news added to the young audience’s growing attachment to “Hanu-Man.”

The fact that “Hanu-Man” and “Guntur Kaaram” were expected to compete initially is noteworthy. “Saindhav” and “Naa Saami Ranga” did not live up to the low expectations; the former was a total failure, while the latter fulfilled expectations but did not receive much praise.

Last but not least, “Hanu-Man” has become a member of the Rs 100 Cr club and is still doing incredibly well, bringing in large sums of money across the country. It is an exceptionally high return on investment when taking into account the initial outlay.

Throughout the week, the movie is anticipated to maintain its strong performance, and starting on this month’s 18th, more theaters are reportedly set aside, which could result in even higher box office receipts.

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