We were fortunate enough to interview Angel Milan Beats, with the recent release of his mixtape with R&B Singer Surauchie, ‘Butter’.

Who Is Angel Milan Beats?

Im a young producer from Toronto, Canada who is currently working his way to becoming one of the best music producers in the music industry. Im extremely versatily with my production by being able to mix the elements of any genre such as: Rap, Rnb, Rock, Jazz Etc, with Hip-Hop. Im also a multi-talented artist being able to produce, song-write, mix and master my own music. Last but not least, with success I was able to push my primary artist “Rnb Singer Surauchie” to, my high leadership skills, positive attitude, and work ethic to creating art is a valueble asset to any team.

What type of support did you get in your earlier stages of your career?

During the early stages of my career starting in 2015, the support I got was all over the place and not what I actually expected. I thought I was going to start this journey and my family and friends would be the most supportive people but it was actually completely backwards to a point where after I linked up with my artist suruachie, a few months of making music inside my bed room I had to move out because everyone would always be complaining about the noise of us creating music. Fast forward to 2020, we were able to attract and gain a fan base for our music but it doesnt come from much family, friends, or our home town Toronto. People think Toronto is this big supportive city and they push Hip-Hop artist but in my opinion thats false info. Toronto to me is more supportive of Alternative music and bands more than Hip-hop and nobody really gives a F*ck about you until you make it somewhere else. Majority of the listeners for our music comes from the United States and overseas which i guess proves you get the most support from stangers that dont even know you lol.

What got you into making beats?

What got me into making beats was me actually trying to become a rapper/singer believe it or not lol. Alot of my friends around me were rapping, singing, and going to studios so I decided to try for myself and create music. I started going to this studio in the westend of Toronto where im from with these older heads that owned it and they were giving me to much of a hard time over there. They would try and direct me to much and tell me what to do and im not really the type of person you can boss around and tell what to do. After the third time i went to the studio, they tried telling me what type of beats I should go over and I pretty much had enough of there input. The same day I orderd all the music equipment I needed to make music, a program called Studio One to record, mix and master, and a crack version of FL studio 11. Pretty much from there, as I started to make my own beats, I fell in love with the process more than recording and decided to just produce full time.

Who was your biggest inspiration?

I dont think my answer to this question will ever change, but my biggest inspirtation is Derrick Rose lol. During his prime time in the NBA, his drive, work ethic, energy, and leadership was so real that till today it still motivates me to just push and strive to be #1 in the music indsutry. To me Derrick Rose is always going to be #1 and that probaly wont ever change lol. The reason why I dont have an artist that inspires me is because I honestly dont really watch other artist or producers like that. When im making music, I want to just come across and find sounds that my ears naturally adapt to so i know what i really like vs me liking specific sounds because another artist or producer is into them. In my opinion I think thats what makes my prodcution special. The sounds I choose to use are 100% what I like and what I prefer.

What’s your biggest project to date?

My biggest project to date is with my Artist Suruachie. We dropped a 8 Song Rnb Project called “Butter” On November 29th 2019. Its fully Produced, Mixed and Mastered by me with Co-Production by good friend Andrew Afework on track #2. Its defiently a project we plan on promoting more in 2020 and investing more into because the fans really love and adore the substance within the project. I think the relationship I have with my artist really provides us with the right ingriedents to create music. With love, chemistry, happiness, and positive energy, the vibration of our music is just so strong that when it touches peoples ears, especially with her powerful and soulfoul vocals, its just a special moment for everyone. Back here in Toronto when we threw our listening party for the project, alot of people in the room were actually crying and to see all those tears just for the sound of our music, I know with the right push this project can give us alot of buzz in the industry.

Do you ever get any creative blocks? If so, how do you solve it?

I used to get creative blocks very very often to a point where I woudn’t even make music for a long as 3 months. I realized as of right now what caused those creative blocks was that, at a certain point of my career making beats and producing started to feel like a job and the “FUN” got taken out of it. Usally when im creating my energy is high, im dancing and jumping around the room, making funny videos etc…Im having alot of fun when im creating and at one point that just disappeard. I really had to take some time and find myself to put that “FUN” back into creating and ever since I put it back, I haven’t really had a creative block. I take breaks sometimes for a few days even a week but I woudnt call them a creative block. I think taking the time to just live life and doing normal activities outside of music is good for my mental health and it keeps my ears open to new inspiration to create music.

Whats the biggest accomplishment you have achieved so far in your career?

I would say the biggest accomplishment I got so far in my career is getting a record deal with my music only 2 years into my career with Univeral. After that I knew anything was possible lol.

If you could pick one artist to work with that you haven’t who would it be
and why?

Honestly I have to work with Future one day. Future when hes on that dirty sprite 2 energy, he just talks that Sh*t that I like…..simple lol.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into your line of work?
Goals for 2020?

Some advice I would give to someone that wanted to get into this line of work is to work hard everyday and perfect your kraft. Its really important to put that 10,000 hours into yourself and master what you love. I would also tell them to save as much money as possible and if you can, just live with your parents for as long as you can if its an option. When your an independent artist/producer, the struggle is really real and if you cant handle those tough times on your own, it becomes very easy to get discouraged and give up. I would also say from a producer stand point to find and artist that you really believe in, invest, and work them all the way up. I think its important as a producer to learn to build and artist rather than just make beats and send them out hoping to get the biggest placements. Build and artist so big that people are actually hitting you up for those placement opportunites. The last bit of adivce I would give is to keep your circle tight annd small and dont trust everyone and anyone. People in this game are greedy and in the long run only look out for themselves.

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