Ohdes is a 18 year old (25 October 2001) Musician, Producer & artist who was born and raised in Capelle aan den IJssel, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands in Europe. He is half Dutch and half Montenegro, his mother was born in Montenegro. He was born with the name Georgio Boerenbrink, the name Ohdes is just his stage name. He has 2 older brothers, one half brother and 1 half sister (the brother is from his mothers side and the sister is from his fathers side)

Ohdes was born in a family that loves and makes music so the musician part is just a part of what he is and how he was raised. At a young age Ohdes already started with producing music in his bedroom togheter with one of his older brothers. He started developing with his music career and started to make his own music. He released music under a list of different stage names because he always had trouble finding the perfect stage name for his music. In 2019 he started releasing music under the stage name Oliver Hades and he did not like the name but he gained a little succes under the name. So he decided to change his name to something similar to Oliver hades: Ohdes. He still releases music under the name Ohdes till this day.

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