Wherever you are in life, always remember your roots. When we return to them, we enrich the cultural soil we’re born from. With this in mind, Dishant Patel also known as wewantdish gets up every day and thinks of ways he can give back to his motherland, Zambia.

Wewantdish born on the 11th of march 2005,  recently embarked on a journey of helping people in Africa and has been trying to embrace this path for the long term. While he is only 17 years old right now, Wewantdish strongly believes in growing whilst giving. This is precisely why wewantdish journeyed back to Zambia, Africa, to take the first step towards his goal.

He fed a considerable number of people in a small part of the country, and made sure to include every necessary item in the packages he distributed. From food items to sanitary products, the hampers had things that would cover one’s basic needs. Wewantdish also ensured other cooking materials and some blankets were added to the packages because some families are deprived of even these items.

Coming from Zambia, wewantdish practically lived among people who remained deprived of the bare minimum. Food insecurity, shortage of shelter, and overall negligence are all wewantdish saw and experienced growing up. He is still very young to be taking on these endeavors, but he wanted to start NOW. Wewantdish wanted to start before his passion died down because he didn’t do anything about it.

Wewantdish’s YouTube channel, wewantdish, is an attempt towards helping his people, the people of Zambia. While you might only see him flexing his gaming IQ and skills there, he seeks to utilize all the existing and potential proceeds from it into providing his people with basic needs. Of course, considering the level he is at currently, he cannot be of help to many, but starting with a handful is good.

At least wewantdish is doing something worthwhile, which helps him sleep at night knowing someone was happy because of him. The same goes for them.. the families who receive all this. They spend their day feeling a little less worried about the one coming tomorrow. This peace of mind is unmatched. And wewantdish wants to keep doing this for till he has the energy and means.

Wewantdish has always been taught the value of family, the family you exist as while belonging to a nation. This sense of attachment has only grown stronger in him, and wewantdish has grown fond of his identity with each passing day. And wewantdish will return back to help them every time he can.

Expanding his outreach is the current goal in mind. Wewantdish wants to reach new people to help every time he’s on it. But, at the same time, wewantdish also realizes the resources he will need to be successful in this journey. This is where he needs you!

Come join wewantdish on his trips and contribute to the cause. Help wewantdish grow his YouTube channel so he can gather the finances to continue providing the bare minimum to a few families in Zambia.

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