The book “Success Begins From Where You Are!” by author Michael H. Forde has already changed the lives of many. With an uncomplicated style and a direct, yet amicable tone, Forde walks the reader through the necessary steps to break up with mediocrity, get rid of excuses, and aim for nothing less than greatness.

When I first came across the book, I wasn’t very impressed, thinking that it would be yet another “get rich fast” scheme with little substance. However, I had nothing to lose. By the time I finished reading his book, I was determined to spread the word to all of my peers.

There are quite a few gems in Forde’s book. In fact, after having read his eBook, I went ahead and bought the paperback version so that I could physically highlight the most inspiring passages. Reading Michael H. Forde’s words about defining success was so revealing, and this is how they have changed me.

In the first chapter of his book, “Success Begins From Where You Are!”, Forde starts by explaining what defines success. This made me realize that it was not another book that wanted me to believe that I too could have the million dollar mansion without any effort. Defining success meant thinking thoroughly about what success is for me and nobody else. This not only changed my perspective on how feasible it felt to achieve success now that I didn’t have to pursue someone else’s standard, but also made me think about the way in which I was living and how it aligned, or better put, how it wasn’t aligned with what success looked like for me.

My definition of success has little to do with a 12-bedroom mansion or a Ferrari; I have always put more value into experiences than into material things. But it was while reading that I realized I was working towards the opposite of what success looks like to me.

I’ll tell you the truth – traveling is what makes me the happiest that I can be. Learning more about the world, exploring places unknown to me, learning how people live in different areas of the world – this is what makes my soul dance. However, I would forget as soon as I sank into the same routine – it was then that I realized that something had to change.

Defining success has made me redefine myself. What are my skills? What am I good at? What do I have to offer? Looking at myself from this perspective didn’t only have an enormous impact on my self-esteem, but it also made me want to thrive as a professional. It has only been a couple of months since I first read “Success Begins From Where You Are!”, but I am taking steps to reach my definition of success.

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