Although ‘entrepreneur’ has become one of the most popular professions out there, being used by many freelancers to describe what they do, it is still something of a mystery. Surely, anyone is capable of working on their own (or freelancing). With enough ambition, anyone can start up a business.

But few know what to do afterwards. Many young entrepreneurs today simply lose courage as soon as their business is created, and they try to mimic the successful tactics of their opposition. Many just sit with their fingers crossed and hope to be the next Steve Jobs.

But what few understand is that entrepreneurship is about discovery. It’s not about copying what’s already been done, but rather making your own mistakes and finding new ways to succeed.

Barion McQueen, one of the leading entrepreneurs of this digital age, is a man who understands the true sense of entrepreneurship, it would seem.

“97% of the people who quit too soon are employed by the 3% who didn’t.”

-Barion McQueen

At its’ core, entrepreneurship is about two things: daring to look for another path and never giving up. In his long career, Barion has proven he has both these qualities.

Barion McQueen has shown himself to be a true master of invention. In his twenties, he avidly pursued his passion for music, trying his luck on the rapping scene. But at 30 years old, seeing there was little to no desire to promote young blood in the music industry, he retired from rap.

Though a defeat, in a sense, Barion didn’t let this let-down affect him. On the contrary, he used it to grow and become stronger. Where many would have simply quit, Barion didn’t. Instead, he focused on creating. More than music. He turned his attention to the business world, to how it worked and to finding new ways to change it. He founded his marketing agency, The Brand Castle, in 2012, in order to help struggling businesses.

In recent years, he’s also turned his creative gaze to real estate, to photography and video development. In 2017, he founded Hip Hop Dose, one of the leading magazines in this music genre, to channel all his lingering passion for music.

He says he’s always looking for new ways to create and to expand his horizons, focusing more on the creative process itself rather than the business field he’s working in.

Instead of giving up when the whole world seemed against him, Barion McQueen turned creativity into entrepreneurship and found new ways to flourish and grow, which is what being an entrepreneur is all about.

You see, it’s not simply about starting a business. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind, it’s a way of thinking. A creative way of thinking, that you apply to every aspect of your existence.

And Barion McQueen is a man who understands that and has managed to do so successfully.

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