“See that wall. I want you to go over, under,  or around that wall if you have to…”Taz in his viral audition for Dwayne Johnson’s NBC hit show “The Titan Games”.

Award winning actor Taz Garcia showcased a side that many didn’t know. His experience with war and his passion for teaching and giving back.

Taz’s success has been earned typically by being the go to action guy. The blow ’em up, fast-paced fight scenes with the spin kicks.

Although Garcia is gaining popularity in his hometown Toronto and Asia where he wrapped his most recent movie alongside Jackie Chan and John Cena, he has many other qualities that shine through his performances. For one, he is a very talented and dedicated actor.

“Did you know that my background is actually in Drama and Comedy?” Garcia said laughingly.

Granted his fight scenes come across as authentic because he does all of his own stunts and action scenes, which resulted in a few injuries over time. Complementing his on screen fighting abilities, Garcia has an undeniable charisma, wit and humor that brings excitement and inspiration to many of the viewers, fans and young filmmakers. Garcia had set a new goal for 2020 that he would do only 20 percent action roles this year, but we suppose this year doesn’t count.

Garcia told us that he really wants to make sure the world can see him as “an actor who does his own action scenes, not just an action guy. You can get stuck in the stereotype box very easily if you’re good at something. Look at Jackie Chan, Jim Carrey or Rowan Atkinson. They can all act. Phenomenal Performers, but the typecast makes it hard for the audience to see them out of their Ace Venture or Mr. Bean characters.”

“I probably want to take the path The Rock took. Stand on the platform first then branch off and maybe do some family movies and animation.”

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