With the exception of Telugu, Dhanush’s most recent film, Captain Miller, was released during Sankranthi in all south Indian languages.

The Telugu version was postponed because theaters were hard to come by due to intense competition from the four Telugu films that were arriving for the festival at once.

Still, critics and viewers alike gave Captain Miller overwhelmingly positive reviews. Dhanush had the best opening of his career with the film in Kerala, Karnataka, and internationally. It garnered significant openings in Tamil.

The movie’s producers, who are optimistic about Telugu’s box office reception, have announced that Telugu states will host early morning premieres on January 25.

Sir, Dhanush’s previous film, was a commercial success in Telugu. Actually, more people watched the Telugu version than the Tamil one.

Beyond the special appearance of Shiva Rajkumar from the recent blockbuster Jailer, another positive aspect is the presence of Telugu hero Sundeep Kishan.

Positive reviews for the Telugu version of the trailer raised hopes for Arun Mutheswaran’s film.

The most costly film for Dhanush is Captain Miller, which is produced by Sathya Jyothi Films.

A significant release for the movie is planned in the Telugu states by Asian Multiplexes Pvt Ltd and Suresh Productions.

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