Laksh Chadalawada’s next commercial film, “Dheera,” is expected to astonish the audience.

Laksh is back in the mix to entertain large audiences after the box office triumph of films like “Valayam” and “Gangster Gangaraju.”

With the backing of Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara and presentation by the Chadalavada Brothers, Padmavathi Chadalavada is the film’s producer. Director Vikrant Srinivas is in charge of this much awaited project.

The teaser, trailer, and glimpses of “Dheera” have created a lot of excitement for the movie.

There have also been successful completions of censorship programs for ‘Dheera. The movie will be shown under the Dil Raju banner and released on February 2.

Tollywood circles are familiar with Dil Raju’s brand. The movie is frequently significantly scaled up as a result of his involvement in it.

Part of the impact is Dil Raju’s distinct style of film evaluation combined with his experience as a producer and distributor.

Nizam and Vizag’s film “Dheera” rights are currently being handled by Dil Raju. Large-scale interest in ‘Dheera has been generated by this action.

On February 2, “Dheera” is scheduled to have a major global release.

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