Digital Marketing has emerged as one of the top marketing techniques in the recent years. Especially during the era of a global pandemic like covid-19 when all other marketing methods failed digital marketing came to the rescue. Many business stalwarts after realizing the power of social media have accredited, they are success to digital marketing. Realizing the importance of digital marketing it is important that whoever you choose to digitally market your brand, the person should be clear of the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Shedding a light on this topic in today’s feature we have Emmon Khan, who is an eminent professional in this field and will share the fundamentals of digital marketing with us. Speaking of the fundamentals Emmon says- “When You Are in This Field then you need to realize that the person who has hired you wants to achieve that online growth and presence. And now it’s your duty and responsibility to provide that growth. But, for that you need to clear your fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

There are basically 5 fundamentals of Digital Marketing, namely SEO, Online Advertising, Content Marketing, E- mail Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The first one SEO, can be explained as the process of optimizing the content through the strategic use of keywords and compliance with the algorithm of search engines so that during a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, they index the content and show it to the right people. Basically, what it does that it ranks your content much higher as compared to others.

Similarly online advertising formed another very important pillar of digital marketing. Ads in digital space play a very important role. It is often known as paid marketing as you pay Google and other platforms some amount so that your content is shown to right people at the right place and at the right time.
Content Marketing is also an important aspect as when you promote someone you need that content which would eventually attract targeted audience. Email marketing on the other hand helps you retaining a set number of targeted audience in the long run.

It can be understood as an advertisement that is aimed at garnering traffic on the website and has the highest conversion rates. But the most important aspect that matters today is the Social Media Marketing, it is the most effective method to connect with a larger audience in a very short span of time. The major advantage it has over others is that it can be used by any company whether big or small. The knowledge of trends and staying updated on social media helps a company to achieve great success in the digital space.

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