There’s an expression among Korean moviegoers that assuming Group Dong-won wears a uniform, that film will prevail in the cinema world. That was the situation with “Enticement of Wolves” (2005), “Kundo: Age of the Uncontrolled” (2014) and “The Ministers” (2015), yet will “Dr. Cheon and Last Charm” proceed with that practice?

“Dr. Cheon and Last Charm” follows the narrative of the nominal Dr. Cheon, played by Pack, who is an exorcist who doesn’t trust in apparitions. He encounters an overwhelming rival as a young lady comes to him with another case in which he should battle Beom-cheon, a strong demon played by Huh Joon-ho. ” Dr. Cheon and Last Charm” opens in auditoriums on Sept. 27, with perfect timing for the Chuseok occasions.

“I think what is engaging about ‘Dr. Cheon and Last Charm’ is that it doesn’t follow the old configuration of most movies in this classification,” Pack said during a gathering interview with nearby correspondents at a bistro in Jung Locale, focal Seoul, on Thursday.

“We have a hero who is an exorcist however who doesn’t put stock in phantoms, and we make them run a YouTube channel — these little turns bring comedic and reviving variables to the film. We knew about the way that ‘Dr. Cheon’ will be delivered couple with special times of year, and I think this will be great diversion for the family during special times of year.”

Group, who appeared in 2004 with the rom-com “Too Gorgeous to Even consider lying,” quickly saw a cutting edge the next year with “Enticement of Wolves” (2005) and soar to a fame that presently can’t seem to dial back. Excepting the two-year break because of his tactical help somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2012, Pack has showed up reliably in basically and financially fruitful movies for the beyond twenty years, remembering for “Voice of a Killer” (2007), “Jeon Charm chi: The Taoist Wizard” (2009), “The Clerics” (2015) and “Landmass” (2020).

“The Clerics” bested the movies at No. 1 when it was delivered, at last collecting 3.96 million moviegoers altogether, while “Kundo: Age of the Wild” likewise saw 4.77 million watchers — a demonstration of the possibility that when Pack puts on a uniform in a film, it gets along admirably.

For such a productive entertainer, the occupation of choosing which movies to show up in should be an errand all by itself — yet the cycle is fairly straightforward, as per the entertainer.

“I know promptly when I read a content that I like,” Group said. ” I can envision myself in the jobs effectively right now, and on the off chance that I strike a getting a kick out of the chance to the story, that is the way I choose my next project.”

In “Dr. Cheon and Last Charm,” Group had many activity scenes where he pursues down and battles with phantoms. The entertainer needed to perform such scenes with a variety of weapons, including long swords and knifes. Group asserted that he “endured the worst part of it” in recording these activity arrangements.

“I continued being forced to bear every one of the blows during the activity arrangements, and just in the last scene did I get to make my punch,” Pack said.

“I trust the crowd appreciates watching me getting beat up,” he said, snickering.

Kim Seong-sik, the overseer of “Dr. Cheon and Last Charm,” is a rookie who has recently filled in as an associate chief for Park Chan-wook on “Choice to Leave” (2022) and furthermore for Bong Joon-ho on “Parasite” (2019). Working with new chiefs generally loans to new revelations in imagination and an unmistakable excitement for filmmaking, Group said.

“I work a ton with new chiefs, and I feel that is on the grounds that I partake in their excitement and how they channel their inventiveness,” Pack said. ” Not that more prepared chiefs are not energetic or are uncreative, yet there is absolutely something about new chiefs on set that makes you need to work intimately with them.”

Presently having been in the entertainment world for a very long time, Posse, at 42, could be known as a veteran entertainer — however the words that title articles and surveys about his motion pictures are still concerning his looks, as opposed to his acting chops. Preceding his acting profession, Group was dynamic as a model, having strolled for shows in Paris and Seoul.

He feels complimented by this, yet additionally said that it is the ideal opportunity for his hopes to fade.

“I’m dependably thankful that such countless fans actually think that I’m alluring, however I think now I’m more OK with taking on jobs that are more fitting for moderately aged entertainers since that is what I’m,” Group said with a laugh. ” At the point when I was more youthful, I wondered whether or not to take on jobs that would cause me to seem more established and frequently contemplated about whether I was well-fitted for the job. Yet, with age, I have a bigger range, I think.”

Posse proceeds as an entertainer as well as known for aiding produce some of his movies, most as of late for Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Specialist” (2022), in which he additionally showed up.

The entertainer communicated desires to proceed with his creation work and his a desire to turn into a “worldwide star” by his late 40s.

“I’m as of now creating different undertakings, and I trust that these will happen as expected soon,” Posse said. ” I likewise trust that I can develop into a worldwide star by working in additional global ventures from now on. I think as of now I have developed into a be agreeable entertainer with any course he gets and feels opportunity on set, and from this I need to make the following stride and become a worldwide entertainer.”

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