Fate 2’s seventeenth season is as yet anonymous seven days out from discharge. Players have no clue about what their Guardians will get up to beginning May 24. Notwithstanding, Bungie has dropped a few intriguing subtleties around the new season and what players can expect in regards to occasions, vault space, and the brand new prison.

The dungeon will be the apex final stage content of season 17, so we should begin there first. Like the following season, we have no clue the dungeon’s topic or where on earth of Destiny it happens. Yet, we know when it emerges and what kind of remunerations we’ll see.

Not at all like past occasional dungeon, the season 17 dungeon won’t send off on May 24 close by the remainder of the new happy. All things considered, it’ll show up in-game on Friday, May 27, at 1 p.m. ET. It’s likewise not allowed to-play, so players will either have to claim the Digital Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen extension or get an exceptional group in the genuine cash store for around 20 bucks.

As far as remunerations, the dungeon looks genuinely stuffed. Players can get their hands on four new weapons, two repeated weapons, one Exotic weapon (and its Catalyst), an Exotic frill (a boat or a Sparrow, Bungie didn’t explain which), two profile symbols, and a protection set. Like the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, players can likewise acquire Artifice adaptations of that protection set (with additional mod spaces), by running the Master trouble rendition of the dungeon.

Players hoping to play on send off day ought to be 1550 Power for typical trouble. Bungie isn’t reporting the Master prerequisites preceding the delivery.

Beyond the dungeon, Bungie is rolling out a few major improvements to the Solstice of Heroes summer occasion, which will simply be called Solstice from here onward. For this occasion and every single future occasion, players will actually want to utilize an occasion card to finish difficulties and even acquire exceptional seals and titles. For players who truly love occasions, they can finish provokes in each occasion to open a general occasion title at some point one year from now.

At long last, Bungie uncovered that players are getting 100 more bank spaces and new Trials plunder in season 17, which incorporates a sidearm, combination rifle, and defensive layer set (found in the picture above). Nonetheless, Trials and its prizes will be on rest until June 10 because of the new season.

Bungie will probably uncover the new season’s theming and story in no time before it goes live on Tuesday morning.

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