Truepound is a multi-talented vocalist and rapper on a mission to revolutionize the music industry’s status quo. His passion, dedication, and perseverance will propel him to become an unstoppable force in the independent circuit.

Truepound is one of those rare individuals who has never shied away from taking the measures and actions required to go up the career ladder of success and prosperity. He chose to go all-in as an artist who realized that music was his ultimate goal.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, TruePound has been working hard and continues to take his abilities along his path, providing his fans and listeners with an extraterrestrial experience. He was on Wamo 100.1 and had the opportunity to chat with DJcoleblooded, one of Pittsburgh’s most talented DJs.

He received immense praise from music lovers and listeners for his latest project “Too Litty”.Fans love the unique style that Truepound possesses. Truepound’s immense popularity can be seen in his Instagram profile where he has over 80,000 followers.

Truepound has opened up for Chris Gotti /joJo Simmons & mr. QC from quality control and he has featured with top artists like Mickey factz on one of his hit songs called “Global”.

Truepound’s new release “Psycho” will drop on the 27th and listeners can also hear it exclusively on mymixtapez under Next up by JoJo Simmons & joshfromYNC.

Hear his music on Spotify:

His socials-

Facebook: @TrueGangMusicPage

Instagram: @TruePound2Litty

Twitter: @TruePound

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