With Vishwak Sen in the lead role, the most recent Telugu film release, Gaami, has surpassed box office predictions made by industry insiders. The Gopichand-starring film Bhimaa was released alongside it, but the former did much better on its first weekend of release, earning more money than the latter.

Since its release, Gaami has performed remarkably well, grossing an estimated 9.10 crore in India in the first three days. On its first Friday, the film brought in 4 crores, and on its first Saturday, 3 crores. The movie’s third day earnings, according to preliminary estimates, brought its opening weekend net India total to 9.10 crore. It was an improbable scenario, but the number of footfalls decreased over the weekend. The statistics might have been even higher if it hadn’t happened.

Vidyadhar Kagita is the director of the film, while Clown Pictures, VR Global Media, Karthik Kult Kreations, and V Celluloid are the producers. Gaami achieved the highest collections on his debut day of play, setting a new record for Vishwak Sen.

It is a three-story adventure thriller with a distinctive screenplay. The background music, VFX scenes, and graphics, especially those captured in the Himalayas, are receiving high appreciation from fans.

Global revenue for Gaami in the first three days

Vishwak Sen’s performance as Aghora in Gaami is well-liked by viewers. In the film, Chandini Chaudhary, Abhinaya, and Muhammad Samad had important parts. It has made 3.5 crore at the international box office. Gaami currently has 14.23 crore in worldwide earnings. In its first three days of release, the film has nearly reached the 15 crore global gross mark.

Box office receipts for Bhimaa’s opening weekend

A Harsha is the director of Bhimaa, which has important roles for Tottempudi Gopichand, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Malvika Sharma, Vennela Kishore, and Nassar. At the box office, Bhimaa performed worse than its rival, Gaami. While Bhimaa received mixed reviews from the first show, which affected its opening, Gaami was praised for its amazing visuals and technical skills and brought in huge collections.

Even though the first show generated mixed reviews, Bhimaa was still able to gross 2.90 crore on its first Friday, 1.90 crore on its second Saturday, and 1.70 crore on its third Sunday. Though the exact total has not yet been reported, Bhimaa has earned an estimated 6.50 crore net India at the box office thus far. In India’s B and C centers, Bhimaa garnered the most business.

With the addition of 1.2 crore from the international market, the movie’s total global gross to date is 8.87 crore. Bhimaa turned out to be a respectable box office performer even though the director began the movie with a cliched plot. According to trade circles, Bhimaa could have easily crossed the 10 crore mark if word of mouth was strong.

Despite not having the kind of box office receipts that the film’s creators had hoped for, Bhimaa was nevertheless able to compete.

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