This year has been drab however that doesn’t mean we can’t finish strong. Indeed, Google’s new AI experiment, called Blob Opera, means to do precisely that. With the assistance of some cute little blobs — suggestive of Google’s quite adored old emoji — you can make festive songs prior to sharing them to loved ones.

The AI powered trial by David Li, as a team with Google Arts and Culture, gives you power more than four blobs that take up various opera voices — from bass to soprano.

Making your own melody is as straightforward as dragging the blobs up, down, and sideways. While going here and there changes the pitch, flat pulls change the vowel sound.

You needn’t worry on the off chance that you don’t have any involvement with making music in light of the fact that the AI model ensures that the yield is harmonious.

To accomplish this, Google acquired four opera artists who took care of 16 hours of singing into the ML model to prepare it. You won’t hear the voices of these vocalists in the analysis, however.

In case you’re not in the mind-set to prepare your own tune, you can let the blobs accomplish the work for you and get them to sing some classic festive melodies like Jingle Bells or Silent Night.

In the event that singing blobs aren’t however you would prefer (you monster), you might need to look at Google’s Santa Tracker to get into the festive spirit.

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