His pro-skills and multi-talent as a music producer and Writer entertain the audience’s utmost.

When we look around the growth of industries, where several young individuals have performed stupendously with their pro knowledge and unique working skills. Especially when we glance at the music industry several young talents are enthralling the industry and audiences with their musical craft. Haig Bakhtiarian is at the top of the list of young rising stars in the industry. His multi-talent music craft is creating buzz all-around. Haig is a successful music producer and a marvelous writer.

Growing with the only goal in mind to be a successful musician. For which he started working on his dream at a tender age. He gains the knowledge of perfect implementation of beats and rhythm which plays a vital role in creating a masterpiece track. Daily long hour practice to polish his blessed melodious Piano Skills. He worked tremendously hard to established himself in the industry without any guidance. He got an opportunity to release some of his music creation which includes – Take Under Control, Right Here, Faraway, Love Me, and Fantasy. These songs are all his recent releases. Which have got the amazing response of massive listeners. The song – Faraway breaks the success record of millions of listeners and still continues. The audiences have praised his music craft in producing the music.

Haig has come across a long journey to achieve the success he has gained today. His determination, passion, and consistent efficient performances were the greatest assets of his success ladder. The great success of his tracks has given him an advantage in a huge industry, however, only pure talent with unique skills and music creation can hit the right chord.

The young talent is coming up with much more endeavors. Stay Tuned!


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