Andrew Callaghan, the 25-year-old gonzo writer who has developed to distinction with his Channel 5 YouTube narratives, is taking his next undertaking to HBO. The organization has gained his narrative about the Jan. 6 insurgence, Variety can solely uncover.

The narrative will follow Callaghan’s “wild RV venture through America in the months paving the way to the January 6 Capitol Riot.” Callaghan coordinates and fills in as a leader maker, close by A24. Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, of the satire team Tim and Eric, likewise chief produce. The doc is as of now untitled and doesn’t yet have a delivery date.

Callaghan has become notable for his dry humor, whimsical meeting subjects and recording his RV traversed the United States, and even universally. In 2019, he started posting brief recordings of his meetings on the YouTube channel All Gas No Brakes. A portion of his most famous recordings, which have arrived at a huge number of perspectives, have remembered interviews at the viral Area 51 strike for 2019, a level Earth gathering and the Burning Man live concert. During the COVID-19 pandemic and 2020 Black Lives Matter fights, Callaghan’s recordings moved in a more serious, news-weighty course. He went to Minneapolis three days after the homicide of George Floyd to cover the repercussions, and he reported enemy of veil fights and other public social affairs amidst the pandemic.

In 2021, Callaghan and his group left All Gas No Brakes to begin their own YouTube channel, named Channel 5, which has since gathered multiple million endorsers. Under Channel 5, Callaghan has made a trip to Ukraine to cover the Russian intrusion, made a one-hour narrative about the People’s Convoy shipping across the U.S. furthermore, talked with Jake Angeli, otherwise called the QAnon shaman who is carrying out a 41-month jail punishment for his job in the Jan. 6 Capitol revolt.

Individual makers on the narrative incorporate Matt Dines, Jonah Hill, Ali Goodwin (for Strong Baby Productions), Dave Kneebone and Janel Kranking (for Abso Lutely Productions), and Max Benator.

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