Riot Games has at last released K/DA’s last idea music video featuring Ahri and the tune she helped produce, “I’LL SHOW YOU.” This last track from the ALL OUT EP highlights artists like Bekuh BOOM, Annika Wells, and famous K-pop group TWICE.

The song is a profound dive into Ahri’s road to fame and how she figured out how to continue on through difficulty, sadness, and self-doubt to follow her passion for music. The video has a lot of visual allegories that indicate the numerous battles the star looked all through her career.

In a comparative vein to Evelynn’s delivery, “I’LL SHOW YOU” focuses around Ahri in the majority of the music video, highlighting her in different scenes. Fans even get to see the Nine-Tailed Fox as a youthful student before her blast onto the music scene.

Later on, watchers are treated to a colorful, flashy presentation with Ahri glancing back at her journey through music, including callbacks to other musical-themed skins like Popstar Ahri and the first K/DA Ahri skin. In any case, there are scenes that are a lot darker and all the more despairing too.

In spite of the fact that the music video is flawlessly made, numerous fans actually feel that each individual from the gathering ought to have gotten a music video highlighting the genuine boss. Aficionados of Kai’Sa and Akali have voiced their discontent via online media since the previous had a dance cover by Bailey Sok and the last just had a lyric video.

At last, this idea video was another amazing formation of Riot and should have the option to hold K/DA fans over until the group gets back with another set of hit songs.

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