King Charles has been declared as the ceremonial head of the Royal Marines – a position recently held by his son Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry had been Captain General of the Royal Marines until he pulled out from royal duties and moved to the US.

The role had whenever been held by the King’s father, the Duke of Edinburgh, and furthermore his grandfather George VI.

The King said he was “exceptionally proud” to follow in their footsteps.

The Duke of Edinburgh held the position of Captain General for 64 years before he was prevailed by Prince Harry in 2017.

Prince Harry’s position was eliminated in February 2021, alongside his other honorary military titles and patronages, after he stopped being a working royal.

This week, the prince’s publishers declared that his journals, with his perspective on these events, would be published in January.

The declaration of the King as the new Captain General was made on the 358th anniversary of the establishing of the Royal Marines, in October 1664 during King Charles II’s reign.

King Charles III praised the Royal Marines for their “courage, determination, self-discipline and a remarkable capacity to endure in the most extreme environments”.

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