Maharana ki kahani , this song released few days back and it reached to 1 lac plus views and it is directed by emerging director Vipul Gupta and it got a great response from the audience. It is a legendary story of Maharana Pratap in form of a Rap song.

Maharana Pratap is a prominent figure in both folk and contemporary Rajasthani culture and is viewed as a celebrated warrior in that state,as well as in India as a whole. Maharana Prataps court at Chanvand had given shelter to many poets, artists, writers and artisans. The Chavand school of art was developed during the reign of Rana Pratap.

As in today’s era,our education includes history as a subject but there are many untold stories or many legendary stories which are included too but they are not engraved or they don’t leave such impact. So through this song this legendary story is supposed to leave a great impact on the audience.

Rap songs can also have this type of feel which is different from the rap songs generally made.This song represents our Indian culture,its history and people in it. This song is carrying the old Hindu period as people forget our history or people related to it . Their name just remain in the books and through this song is helping to understand our history.
This Rap is a medium through which they tried to connect people with our history and our old Indian times which had legends like Maharana Pratap.

Music video is directed by Vipul Gupta a budding, extremely skilled and flourishing director. A directors vision tells many stories and Vipul’s vision as a director gave this music video immense showcase.
The way he directed this music video portrayed the story of Maharana Partap in such a way that it made people to connect with its history and its legend.
Vipul made sure that this song reaches people heart and they connect with their history. His vision and his direction made this song an entire experience for viewers who connected with it.

There are many ways to portrait a story but rap was chosen for this song so that it may connect to the youth of our country. As rap is a growing form of art and it have a great boom in today’s hip hop culture which attracts people and this song have reached to the people of our country.

This song is presented by AKTK and AKTK is such a platform which takes initiatives for such things and it should also continue as it encourages the people to understand the value of our history, cherish it and respect it. AKTK is taking a great initiative which will help our youth to respect and love our history.

This songs is directed by Vipul Gupta,written and rapped by Aahan ,produced by Dhaval Jardosh,DOP(Director of photography) is Faiz Ahmed Ghori,VFX by Prism Interactives and presented by AKTK,project head – suryansh Bhadauria

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