There is a debate about whether creativity is domain-general or domain-specific—a tendency to study creativity with an assumption of generality. The critical evidence for this position is that measures of ingenuity within particular domains show significant intercorrelations.

Both gifted and non-gifted children’s creative performance and activity found significant correlations among the indices in various fields (e.g., writing, music, crafts, performing arts, and science).

Hocevar’s (1976) study indicated that for college students, significant correlations were found between creative performance and activity in various fields (e.g., fine arts, crafts, performing arts, math, science, and music). These studies explain that the nature of creativity is general rather than domain-specific.

Miquel Reina – an individual with expertise in multiple domains, has been chosen for our readers to understand the topic better; hence it is tight, and keep reading. He is an award-winning designer, author & filmmaker specializing in web, digital, interaction & motion graphics design and a judge at FWA based in Vancouver & Barcelona.

He is a versatile and multidisciplinary creative. From a young age, he always stood out in all creative disciplines. Hence, he graduated with a Bachelor of Design in ELISAVA (Barcelona) and a Bachelor of Design and Art at the University of Southampton.

His professional career has taken him to work in some of the largest and most prestigious design studios and advertising agencies, such as Grey Barcelona and Thinkingbox Vancouver. He has won several digital design awards (FWA, Awwwards, CSS Design Awards,

The One Show, ADCC) and advertisement awards such as the prestigious Sol de San Sebastian. In 2019 he was selected as one of the best designers in Canada by Strategy Magazine. he also wrote and directed many music videos, including “Dead in the water” by Ellie Goulding, and was a Tribeca Film Festival Finalist.

He has been working in the industry for 14 years (2008). He has been lucky to work across leading brands and companies, such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate, Warner Brothers, Lululemon, Wrangler, La Caixa, Port Aventura, Riot Games & many more.

In 2018, his best-selling debut novel, “Lights on the Sea” was published in Spain by the prestigious publishing house: Planeta. And that same year, it was translated into five languages: English, Italian, German, Russian, and Czech.

His debut novel, “Lights on the Sea,” is now represented by the Creative Artist Agency in Hollywood to be adapted into a movie. He is currently working on his second novel and continues working as a Creative worker for the videogame industry.

If you are enthusiastic about only one thing, you will devote your entire life to it. That one item dominates your whole life. It’s the same with your breaths and oxygen. You will not be able to quit doing that, no matter what. However, if you are equally passionate about a hundred things, you will accomplish all of them without even realizing it.

You constantly feel as if you’re only surviving, doing only one thing to keep your life going — all the other things blend into one. It’s as if the entire universe has plotted to accomplish everything through you, and you’re simply a conduit. Lastly, as Steve Jobs would say, discipline is the only thing needed to connect the dots. Passion can present itself in a variety of ways.

You could desire to accomplish several different things. However, you must take a step back, do some homework, be systematic, prioritize items, create a solid strategy, and put it into action so that your enthusiasm is channeled in the appropriate direction toward a goal.

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