Texas based recording artist Mista Rags put out a new song “Walk In My Shoes”

“Real Life” lyrics, and a swag out of this world. Mista Rags really is a true reflection of the meaning “diamond in the rough”. We’ve been following his career for a few months now and the momentum he has gained in the music industry is astonishing.

With technology advancing more every day, this is a great time for independent artist to take advantage of social media platforms and the world wide web to reach fans across the world.

Our team reached out to Mista Rags, and spoke briefly about his music career and his thoughts about being an independent recording artist.

“I remember all those days when my friends and I had to drive hundreds of miles with a trunk full of mixtape CDs and flyers. It was difficult being an independent artist back then, but now we are living in the golden years.” He says. “We literally have the whole world at our fingertips (cell phone), and through social media its now easier than ever for independent musicians to get our music heard by millions of fans with a minimum budget.”

His new song “Walk In My Shoes” is out now.

Listen to song here: https://youtu.be/WkisHLxcaGU

The official music video will be released soon.

Record Label: Get Money Stay On

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