We recently had a new interview with Mona Bahram, one of the most successful Iranian female entrepreneurs. Mona Bahram is the first founder of a beauty school in Iran who has trained thousands of people to enter the job market every year. Now we asked him questions about this industry and how to set up a beauty school.

We are very happy that you are here today and we are eager to know more about you. Please introduce yourself.

Mona Bahram: Hello. I am Mona Bahram, I have been working in the beauty industry for 11 years, I am the founder of the first and most equipped beauty school in Iran in two branches, one of which is a specialized beauty clinic.

Tell us more about your education?

Mona Bahram: My university education was theater (stage and make-up design) and I took many courses abroad in the field of make-up and I do bridal make-up professionally, but education is a part of me and I cannot live without education.

How successful were you in the school you founded and were you able to raise many students?

Mona Bahram: Yes. Every year, more than 2,500 people in all fields of beauty are trained in my school and enter the job market, so yes, I think I was able to succeed in this work.

How to overcome problems on the way to success?

Mona Bahram: Never lose hope. My motto has always been to implant your seeds it is going to rain, and when I saw that the seeds I planted all sprouted and grew which means my students, I continued on my way with more strength.

As a successful woman, do you have any suggestions or advice for women?

Mona Bahram: Find your interest and get training to become the best. Do not be afraid of failure and become stronger day by day because “it is going to rain.”

Dear Mona, thank you for accepting my invitation. I hope to see you again and see more success from you.

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