The young musician is all about his pure skills and passion for making music, which has thrust him forward in the industry with his genius in varied musical instruments.

To even think of getting into sectors today has proved to be no less than a task and a challenge, let alone making it big in them as success stories. Still, there have been a few risk-takers and courageous individuals who, by thriving off of their strong self-belief, took the plunge of entering into their desired industries and created ripples of growth through their phenomenal work. Doing that in the music industry, overflowing with emerging as well as established artists worldwide, has proved to be even more taxing, but highly passionate professionals like Habib Coulibaly, most famously known by his stage name Habiibii have made all this look effortless.

Habiibii as a multi-instrumentalist, has emerged as one of the finest musicians and musical artists in current times in the music scene. With parents from two different cultures, mother from Ivory Coast, Mali, and father from Germany, he infused in him the values and uniqueness of each of these cultures and traveled to Ivory Coast, Mali time and again to educate himself musically, to internalize his cultures. He lives in Cologne Germany and that’s the place where he produces new music in a recording studio too. He finds peace in producing new music with electronic sounds and in playing different instruments, the Piano, Djembe drum (from West Africa), and Steeldrum (from the Caribbean), and now look forward to acing his musical game by learning to play the Guitar.

Music always gave him a sense of joy and happiness which made him realize his true calling, but he also credits his growing passion for music to his musician father, a role model, and mentor to him, who ingrained in him the music culture and taught him many rhythms. So far, Habiibii has played and taken over crowds with his electrifying performances at various clubs across Germany, France, Spain, Austria, and Fuerteventura.

Habiibii’s unique musical creations as a musician and artist creates exceptional rhythmic melodies, thanks to his unique way of playing and recording different musical instruments paired with electronic sounds. Playing at varied venues in various parts of the world has given him enormous experiences of being around different people and has helped him learn about what audiences seek from different cultures and places. He has learned to recognize the vibe of different venues and the people there and serve them with music that can ring in their ears for the longest time.

Habiibii (@iamhabiibii) can’t wait to work around his next goal, which is to release an EP and play internationally like in Dubai.

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