The St. Louis born and bred hip hop genius Big Weezy is sure to take the music world by storm this year with his debut mixtape “No Genre.” Growing up in a musical family, it’s no wonder Big Weezy would follow in the footsteps of his father and brother, who he considers to be some of his biggest musical influences.

Big Weezy grew up watching his family make music and at 10 years old his father wrote him his first song. Soon after his brother motivated him to step into the studio and record his first verse and the rest is history.

Not only swayed by his musical bloodline, Big Weezy says Ludacris, Tupac, Eminem, and Cassidy also fueled his love of hip hop. He was that one kid who remembered all the lyrics to every song and would always rhyme along.

Fast forward to 2022 and we now have “No Genre” a mixtape that was produced by the platinum selling production duo known as  RayRayandAR which also features the musical talents of Rahli and co-production by Davie Napalm, K Kudda Muzic, Kyboogs, and SwaggBoyyonthebeat.

“No Genre” is sure to leave you feeling good vibes only with its message of enthusiasm and positivity and that’s just how Big Weezy wants it. With so much negativity out there, he wants you to be able to escape day to day realities and take the time to enjoy life, even if it is just for a moment.

With plans for a tour later this year Big Weezy is an unstoppable force that will be taking the music world by storm one city at a time. And with new merchandise to back it up it doesn’t look like there’s anything that can stop him.

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