COVID’19 has certainly caused us all to undergo a challenging experience. Humanity has endured suffering in some form or another in various parts of the world. In every part of the country, people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds have been affected by the pandemic.  

Institutional racism and state ignorance for the people of color and ethnicities was badly exposed in 2020 in America. You know that things are bad when the people of the most powerful economy in the world are standing in lines outside the food banks and are forced to sleep in their cars because they’ve lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and now they can’t even afford a roof on their head.  

Indeed, the COVID’19 pandemic has changed lives, and it’ll be long before the life of people who have suffered the most will be back on track. In times like these, art is the only way to show the world the true face of people’s sufferings.  

VICIOUS J successfully painted a realistic picture of people suffering from the pandemic through his latest commercial release, “PRESSURE,” powered by RADIOPUSHERS. The song’s lyrics perfectly explain the word “PRESSURE,” as the Texans have been going through so much and under so much pressure as it was hit badly by COVID’19 and people lost their jobs they also had to face racial discrimination in its worst form.  

It is safe to say that VICIOUS J has secured his legacy with his latest release, and he is on a path guided by the light of hope and righteousness. Vicious J song “PRESSURE” directly infiltrated the hearts and souls of the people of Texas and made him an icon. He hopes to make his baby sister Varneisha Gant (late) proud through his music.  VICIOUS J brand is taking form and impacting hip-hop culture.  VICIOUS J is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.