His latest single has been gaining enormous streams across streaming platforms, proving his growing prominence in the industry.

It is necessary today to discuss real stories of people who exude a unique level of tenacity, passion, and pure skills. Though the world is filled with too many such exceptional talents, a few rare gems still stand tall and unique from the rest, making their name count in their chosen industries. This definitely is easier thought than executed, but phenomenal talents like NASHEW, originally Nicky Taschew, have been doing even that and showcasing their A-game in their niches. NASHEW today is a rising German rapper and has already achieved much name and recognition for his incredible tracks, the latest being Hardcore Gang Member.

NASHEW believes that he could, very early in his career, create massive momentum in music as a rapper, songwriter, and musical artist because of his razor-sharp focus on bettering his craft each and every day. Through music and his raps, he has been radiating his real emotions, which have gone ahead in connecting deeply with listeners and music lovers, resulting in him gaining great recognition and glory for his work.

On asking what drove him toward the world of music and rap, NASHEW said, “Throughout the journey that I have lived, creating my unique path to success in my career, I realized how music was the only thing that gave me my sense of peace and joy. I understood my true calling and began working around writing great raps that are relatable, that which could effortlessly strike a chord with people and something that can be felt deeply by anyone and everyone.”

Today, the German rapper has finally paved his path to success, gaining an increasing number of streams across varied streaming platforms like Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/0vAfg9csLHB2GeHfxtKy7b?si=EZ5AkOWHQou03An3cDGRYw&nd=1 with his songs like Hardcore Gang Member, Monopoly, Dreams, Hebe Jetzt Ab, and Shadows.

Though NASHEW (@nickytaschew) so far has received much love from listeners, he still feels he has just begun, and there’s a lot more that is to be achieved as a true-blue rap artist in the coming years.

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