The music industry in India has seen immense success over the years, and it has given the entertainment industry some of the most popular talented singers, musicians and even actors. While the credit for this goes to the people who watch the music videos and new songs, a lot of the credit goes to the producers who create the songs behind the music label. Renowned producer Jagbir Dahiya has now forayed into the music industry with the announcement of his new music label ‘Asian Records’.

With the announcement, Jagbir Dahiya has clearly stated that his motive is not just to produce quality and back-to-back hit songs, but also encourage artists to find a platform to showcase their art. Over the years, India has been home to budding talent who have the skills but not the platform to showcase them, Producer Jagbir Dahiya’s Asian Records will work with many aspiring artists and new talents.

Asian Records, with the experience of Jagbir Dahiya and Suriya Entertainment, who have previously produced films like ‘The Journey of Karma’ and ‘Kuch Kariye’, will work to promote new deserving artists, their music and songs across the world. Will issue throughout.

The producer has several plans besides an upcoming music label ‘Asian Records’ through which he wants to promote deserving talent. He plans to set up a huge film studio in Haryana through which various professional services like editing, dubbing and mixing will be provided. Asian Records, as it seems, will be a platform for artists that every budding talent in the country has been waiting for for a long time.

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