Lu is a blossoming independent artist who splits her time as an artist and record label owner who has her sights set on being “the first Native American woman to reach global/mainstream success.”

Fresh off of the August release of her EP, “Fame“, the future entertainment mogul is looking to get her name out to the masses. The EP consists of three powerful tracks that showcase Lu’s originality and soul.

In our recent conversation with her, we asked her what one song best embodied who she was as an artist for new fans. She told us that it was the title track off of the EP, “FAME“. Here’s what she had to say about the track.

““FAME” is the song I am currently marketing which leans heavily into Native American music and has a touch of psychedelic. It’s an in your face abrasive song that I’m using to introduce myself to the world. Very in your face.”

For those wondering what they can expect from the other two songs on the EP, she had this to say:

However the other two songs in the EP, especially “Salvame”, are also important because they show the other side of me. They are English/Spanish songs with a new take.”

For our two cents on the song, “FAME” is a worldly sounding track that hit’s with both rhythmic and tribal power. It’s aggressive, creative, and honestly just a cool song to vibe too.

The rest of the EP follows a similar style of being both edgy and cool. While the songs all bring their own flavor, as Lu pointed out, but they all still lend themselves to a distinct sound that is all her own. The beats are fresh, her layered vocals add tremendous depth, and the songs are stuck in your head for hours after they finish playing in your headphones.

When listening to her music, you can feel Lu’s unique background coming through with each note, beat, and sound. Between being able to speak seven different languages and making music around the world, her story is part of what feeds into her original sound. We asked her about her background and it’s impact on her music.

“My unique background has not only helped me see beyond my culture/hood to expand my perception of the world but has taught me how to nurture and speak to people of other cultures that way I can share my music in a way that they specifically can understand. Working in other languages and cultures also helps with my goal of bringing Native American culture all around the world – I always seek to share my culture and learn about others’ as well.”

On how that music makes her sound unique she said this:

“My sound is unique because it’s modern and relevant to the music culture of today but has underlying tribal/Latin sounds in bedded in it to give it a subtle twist. It is not reggaetón per se, even though I include all genres. For the most part it’s hip-hop and R&B with a southwest flavor.”

Lu’s EP is a great representation of that description. The tribal sounds had us nodding along from the beginning to the end, and that’s a good thing.

Lu’s story and background are unique, her goals are huge, and her music career has just begun. With her first EP out and learning to navigate the music industry in the middle of a global pandemic, she has already found her footing and has been able to get her music and story out there. The sky’s the limit for Lu and her music.

On the business side of things, her label is also a growing movement. The label is named Roam Soshal and the label is another on-brand extension of Lu’s career. In her words, Roam is a representation of traveling around, and Soshal is a creative spelling of Social. The two together are a symbol of being a member of the global community both musically and individually.

This worldly approach and mindset shines threw in her music and is at the heart of her label. Being a citizen of the world and representing multiple languages and cultures is essential to who she is as an artist.

Lu has a lot to offer the world as an artist and business woman. She brings that passion and fire to everything she touches and she’s on the path to a successful career.

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