Steve Marinangeli is back with a new track.

After topping the iTunes Charts twice and generating over 300k streams on Spotify, the young songwriter Steve Marinangeli from Luxembourg is back with another single.

After his successful previous songs such as “Rescue Me”, “Sacrifice” and “It’s You”, Steve is back with something new. The song is called “This Time” and will be released on May 14th.

For this song, he got help from well known songwriter and producer Simon Ellis, who is known for working with bands such as Spice Girls, Westlife or Britney Spears.

Steve told us: “I got in contact with Simon through his website. I had a song which I haven’t finished yet and I reached out to Simon to help me finish the song. We both were happy with the outcome of the song and wanted to work on something new.”

Steve added: “Simon told me about one of his songs he wrote, and he thought that this song would perfectly fit to my style of music. He sent me the demo over and I immediately loved the song”

After changing some lyrics, Steve began to search for the perfect singer for the song. “I was looking for some upcoming and new artists who could be interesting to work with. Luckily, I found an artist from the UK called Anna Bea. I discovered her music on Spotify and her voice and her writing style was so unique and different to songwriters nowadays. I knew that she was the person I wanted to work with and thankfully, she responded to my messages and even agreed to sing the song.”

About the song

“This Time” has a throwback early 2000’s pop song vibe. As I grew up listening to early 2000’s pop music, I always wanted to write or produce such a song. It’s slightly different to the new modern pop songs you will hear on the radio, but I hope that people will love it and feel the nostalgic sound of the song and will transport people to a better place and time and forget about all the problems we have to face nowadays.

The song is about a couple who were once in love finally reigniting that spark after some time away following a breakup.

The song will be out on every music platform available and there will also be a lyric video for the song.

This will be Steve’s final single before releasing his anticipated debut album later this year.

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