Mythri Movie Makers, a pan-Indian production company that brings together celebrities from a range of industries for their ambitious projects, is always raising the bar. Ajith Kumar, the superstar of Kollywood, will soon be seen in Telugu cinemas again in the much awaited multilingual film “Good Bad Ugly.”

Recently, “Good Bad Ugly” filming in Hyderabad began. Adhik Ravichandran is a well-known director of elegant action thrillers. The first look poster was released today by the makers, who were inspired by the tremendous favorable response to the title poster that had previously been issued to show off Ajith Kumar’s explosive performance.

The poster showcases Ajith in a sleek, charismatic avatar, exuding three distinct expressions hinting at the multi-faceted nature of his character. Dressed in a vibrant green printed shirt featuring dragon motifs, Ajith sports a salt and pepper look, adding a touch of rugged charm. Dragon tattoos on his hand and a dragon-shaped bracelet further accentuate the theme. The backdrop features two golden dragons and a collection of deadly , alluding to the thrilling action sequences that await. This striking first look poster truly surpasses expectations, leaving fans eager for more.

The director of the successful film “Mark Antony,” Adhik Ravichandran, is transforming “Good Bad Ugly” into a chic action thriller with a gripping backstory. Ajith Kumar is to be giving a multifaceted performance, which should provide moviegoers and fans with an engrossing and compelling cinematic experience.

With a strong technical team contributing their skills to one of India’s most anticipated film projects, this ambitious endeavor, produced by Naveen Yerneni and Y Ravi Shankar, is well-regarded. Film director Abinandhan Ramanujam uses his cinematography to eloquently depict the drama, while music legend Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad is producing the soundtrack. G M Sekhar adds his artistic touch to the production design, while Vijay Velukutty makes sure the editing flows well.

Pongal 2025 is when “Good Bad Ugly” is scheduled to open in theaters, and fans are counting down the days.

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