“Unique” isn’t the word to describe the talent that LJak possesses. His music is poetic. His music makes you think. His form of hip-hop doesn’t even feel like hip-hop at times. When his voice gets in front of an instrumental, it is as if it speaks to what is within you.

From how he approaches his craft, you see that this is exactly the kind of response he wants his listeners to have. His second album, Self-Esteem: Chapter Two, is packed with elements moving the listener to feel something beyond “entertained.” LJak has a message, and it is because of his message that his music does more than make you feel good, it lets you know that you aren’t alone.

By being so open about his life, about how he feels, about what he is going through, about his relationship, about his career as a writer and public speaker, about what he is writing and publicly saying, LJak allows the listener to know that he understands everything they may be going through in their life. Being so open lets his listener know that he too is human, yet when you hear his brand of hip-hop, how he is a lyricist of high degree and a wordsmith not to be messed with, you are almost convinced that he is not human.

Self-Esteem: Chapter Two displays one of the best lyrical patterns that Hip-Hop has ever heard. It is rare, in rap today, to find a mind like LJak’s blessing the microphone. What stands out about his second album is, depending on the beat, the various styles he is able to use to make every element within that instrumental work for him. His high level of skill, along with his deep message, makes him one of the best, and when you can just take a step back and appreciate what he is doing, you’re able to see how revolutionary Linwood Jackson Jr. actually is.

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