To be a successful business owner, you must believe in yourself and your ability to overcome hurdles. True, any start-up is risky, but never losing faith is what we refer to as a successful influencer of the year. There are numerous rivals in the market nowadays, but none of that matters unless you have faith in yourself, which is exactly what Alfred Dzadey says. With the level of his experience and professionalism, he always believes in innovation.

The real estate industry, which has seen the birth of many such skilled people across the UK, and Alfred Dzadey’s name tops the list in the same, has been on a steady growth pedestal. Born on 25th November 1992, Alfred Dzadey is a person who always believes in himself, he has the spirit and spark in his mind that he can develop himself into a great man.

Alfred Dzadey is now a multi-award-winning property investor and developer, SME investor, and much more, generating a lot of interest in him and his work across the United Kingdom. Along the way, he has helped people achieve their financial goals through property investment. He said that his company seeks to provide great accommodation at affordable prices for young professional and university students.

Even after losing his job, he never looked back instead he pursued his property business full time and has gone on to build a seven-figure property portfolio. Now he is venturing into acquiring businesses with a turnover of £2-£8 million to create a group of businesses. He has a great future ahead of him and it’s only the beginning.

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