Dawn Lori is a Pittsburgh native with big energy. Locally, she’s slowly gaining momentum. On social media she is hot. She recently hit 100,000 followers on her Tiktok account, and then retired the account to open a backup account (TT Tag: @dawnsearlylightllc) to concentrate on her products; oils & candles.

“I left some readings up for my collective on my retired account, but they know they can always click the link for a reading.”

Dawn has expressed her annoyance and concern of the many fake accounts using her picture and her LLC name, and she had filed a copyright form with TikTok. “They are on borrowed time, and some could have charges. If TikTok won’t take them down, I’ll go elsewhere, it’s time to take action. I’m an LLC and business, and the need to realize that’s fraud. These fakes are messaging my clients and family.”

Interviewing this woman with gentle features is like sailing a smooth ocean. She makes it easy, and discusses her acting debut in Corley White’s “My Neighbors R witches” and the feature film due out soon “One Mic.” Then laughs and says “You wouldn’t expect me a model.”

Oh but one would, her long blond hair, green eyes and petite, yet curvy frame has landed her two covers, and she’s not done.

Ms. Lori took a break from social media after a security issue that made her think twice about her own safety. “You truly find out who’s there for you. I learned that the hard way.”

Dawn recently started back up her social media, and her YouTube account has sky rocketed with the return of the series “Secret Stories Of A Tarot Reader” a collaboration with director Clifton Croumbles. Dawn continues to screen-write and uses her gift in poetry in her “Magic” as she calls it.

She’s like a smooth ocean, alright…with big hurricane energy wrapped tight in a bottle.

Mostly recently Dawn spoke of her spiritual path and her journey. She explains her entire life she had gifts, but she never considered them gifts when she was bullied or doubted. “I just didn’t talk about it.” She stated. Hence, suppressing and manipulating herself something was wrong. Her whole spiritual journey had been one she learned on her own through her mothers words in a book, or ancestors dreams. Attending a Christian school in grade school, she felt like an outcast. Dawn states her life that’s been her feeling. “I saw more Spirits in that school than in a grocery store.” She stated.

What this woman didn’t realize was her gifts opened her to the elite spiritual team backing her, and the long ancestral line of healers and practitioners in her years of research soon for her to uncover.

Yet, Dawn continued to blocked her self and her gifts, because she couldn’t come to terms with, why she was different, couldn’t fit in and why she had them. “It was like my gift had become a curse, and it was a flashing light. It came on and off. I suppressed it so much.” She put her head down, staring at the desk.

Then she smiled and said “But I found Tahverlee and I have hope.” Tahverlee; a (TT Tag: athena_in_my_blood) is a Spiritual Coach and High Priestess of ‘Moon Temple Mystery School,’ whom Dawn found on TikTok.

“She kept appearing on my page, and at first.. I didn’t think anything of it. Then I had a dream of a blue moon, and that means the final phase of the divine feminine. The adulthood of magic. Tahverlee was there with me, under the moon, and she tied my cloak and touched my face and smiled.

She said “You did it” I looked around…and I saw my ancestors all around me. Then I woke up.” Dawn stated.

I messaged her the next day.

“My mother was powerful. My Grandma was powerful. I’m a loyal devotee of Saint Michael. I don’t play around to find out. I got the message. I pay attention and do what I’m told. I respect my ancestors, angels, and the spirits.

So as a priestess I enter, and as a High Priestess I’ll graduate. I have a mission, and that mission is to deliver a message. What that message is; I don’t know. But I’ll continue my readings and continue guiding my clients on their path. Tahverlee is kind and patient, and most of all knowledgeable of the craft.

Her energy is calming, and I believe in her. I may be blocked by my own doing, and I maybe afraid of my own gifts….but I know she will help me open my gifts and help me grow with them.

As a writer and editor I don’t know much about spirituality, only about vibes. Dawn Lori has those good vibes. This woman walked this Spiritual path alone, and everything she learned; she learned from words in her mothers diary or researched.

Impressive to say the least.

She’s a woman you want on your team, and to say she’s a hurricane in a bottle may be an understatement. When you meet her she’s like a breath of fresh air, it’s just at first… you’re breathless. That’s energy.



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