He reveals the significance of ‘Organic Music Marketing’, his own business in the music industry.

Music is something everyone instantly connects to. But have you ever wondered who’s behind the most memorable tracks and albums decorating your music collection? Where the vocalists usually get all of the notoriety, it is the music producers who have over the years pulled the strings and influenced the sound of popular culture. One such producer is Cody Patrick, a young musician blazing a path through the US record industry and influencing not only the musical landscape but also the world of music business, through his technology startup Organic Music Marketing.

Cody Patrick first uncovered his passion for music when he was still in high school, managing indie artists and helping them raise funds to move their careers forward. He committed himself wholeheartedly to his clients’ success, cultivating positive work habits that have continued to help him distinguish himself within the music industry. His best friends in high school, Tommie King and Logan, were making music on their own, and although he had always enjoyed music in general, he had never rapped, sang, or played an instrument of any kind. His gifts were in business and organization, and once he realized he could apply those gifts to music, he knew he had found his calling.

Patrick was hired by Asylum Records to be part of its A&R team and use his expertise to identify and develop a new generation of stars. Cody work to research and discover new artists for potential signing with Asylum Records. He also helps with administrative work such as organizing audio files for release, gathering producer agreements, and oversight of the recording process.

What are your best works to date?

He has helped to direct and produce multiple history-making hit music videos, including:

“Bad and Boujee” by Migos

“Broccoli” by DRAM

“Sassy” by Rapsody

“Jefe” by TI and Meek Mill

Other major artists with whom he and his team have collaborated include Future, 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, T-Pain, YFN Lucci, Cyhi the Prynce, Mac Miller, and Dreezy. At Organic Music Marketing, Cody seeks to provide authentic marketing services that work and that provide a return on investment.

Any advice for aspiring artists in the music industry?

Get into it for the right reasons, and you can only win. Making it in music is tough so I suggest building a solid foundation by creating a business that has recurring revenue. If you can do that, then you’re solid. If your end goal is to land a major placement, get a record deal or win a Grammy, you can focus on that later. If it becomes your sole preoccupation in those early days, chances are you’ll run out of motivation, out of money and out of time. That’s when 9 out of 10 musicians fail. Be smarter and think about your sustainable income first!

Cody aims to continue helping artists avoid the music promotion scams that are endemic to the industry. He wants to educate artists about what is possible, showcase how he runs his campaigns, and break down the value of capital, high-quality records, and hard work. Equipped with more than ten years’ worth of knowledge and experience, he is a master at what he does and capable at delivering on all the promises he makes.

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